Audio Video Professional Development and Distribution

WingnutPC Audio and Video Production Innovation


Current Development


Our current development is focused on completing a professional mobile multi track recording platform with video support. WingnutPC with support from Mr. Kelling has completed most of the Live Recording Platform development at a cost of more than $75,000.00. We are $12,480.00 short of the current goal.

Audio Projects

– Single, Multi Track Recording
– Live Production Recording
– Post Production Editing
– Historical Documentary Production

Video Project

– Live Capture
–¬†Historical Interviews
–¬†Artist Auditions & Productions
–¬†Athlete Development

Post Production

– Online Radio Broadcast
– Online Video Broadcast
– Video and Audio Web, HD, 2k, 4k Productions
– Archival, Restoration and Recovery, Analog to Digital Conversions

If you have any questions you can contact Raphael Kelling at 847-242-1440.

Please note that donations are not currently tax deductible